For an exhibionist couple like Hellen and Claude record their sexual adventures in photos is such an exciting experience, so they invited their four lovers for a kinky photo set in their bathroom.

So let's read what Hellen has to say ....

Pictures are amazing to remeber good times. For me and Claude ours sexual adventures also belong to these memorable moments.

It's wonderful when you meet kinky people who understand that respect is

the first step to the pleasure.

We both are bisexual and this is great because in our sexual life there's no 

place for the chains of the taboo and jealousy.

Our delicious bath began with many kisses and caresses, exploring with lust

our mouths, tongues. Kisses and soft touches in the skins.

Without any hurry. Just letting our breaths guide us.

Kisses and hugs were photografed as well as hot sucks and licks on the

guy's cocks.

So delicious dicks...

It's hard to say which one of us were enjoying more suck those hard cocks !!

Mmmmm ... 4 big hot cocks for 2 bitches, it sounds a good equation

As a kinky joke from this audiction Claude has proposed  to keep our guest's dicks very well wet. In retour for our kindness they prepared our holes for their delicious cocks.

Then, plenty of lust, our stallions began to fuck us with energy and desire

My husband and I, we were groaning laud and horny.

I have to say it's hard to hold

the camera for take good angles

pics in this situation.

Our hot fuckers have taken turns on taking pictures of our


Gosh, those kinky fuckers also alternate in bang un hard !!!

    But, Claude and the guys know me well and they are well aware of I'm a greedy slut and how much I love a good and deep DP.

Claude, as a good and dedicated hubby care in making the cocks well lubrificated for my ass

It's amazing fucking with  people who knows how to build a friendship with

respect and tasted with a special and spicy dose of naughty

Sex don't stop, my pussy and our tigh asses were constantly penetrated by  their cocks. Our mouths were always with a huge and delicious dick in it.

We were close to our grand finale

our bodies overflowing the good energies of sex.

Ours moans confirmed such   the such intense pleasure we all felt.

Etched in photos all the lust,

pleasure and complicity among me, my husband and our four hot lovers

Those are the good sensations that the good sex can provide.

The cum offered by our stallions in our mouths and faces reflects the pleasure without taboos we all enjoyed toghether

The tip is ...

do real all your fantasies

but only share pics or videos of others persons

since this been consensual.

The pleasure will thank you.

Kisses and hugs from

Hellen and Claude.